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Our Flea Control Services

Every furry friend deserves a flea-free haven right here in the heart of Miami, Florida!

 Tailored Pest Protection:
Say goodbye to those pesky fleas making themselves at home in your space. Our Miami-based team understands the unique challenges of our tropical paradise and customizes our services to ensure your furry companions are living their best, itch-free lives.

Pet-Friendly Solutions:
We know your pets are family, so we only use pet-friendly and environmentally conscious flea control methods. Our goal is to protect your pets without compromising their well-being or the beauty of our vibrant Miami environment.

Comprehensive Inspections:
Our friendly experts conduct thorough inspections to pinpoint potential flea hotspots. From cozy corners to favorite nap spots, we leave no squeaky wheel unturned to ensure your home is a flea-free haven.

Effective Treatment Plans:
Our Miami-ready techniques are designed to tackle fleas head-on, providing you with effective and fast-acting solutions. Because in the Sunshine State, nobody has time for unwanted itchiness!

Transparent Communication:
We believe in keeping you informed every step of the way. Our transparent communication ensures you know exactly what’s happening with the flea control process. Got a question? Reach out – we’re here to help!

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:
Your satisfaction is our priority. If those fleas think they can make a comeback, think again! Our customer satisfaction guarantee means we’ll work tirelessly until your home is a flea-free haven for you and your furry friends.

Ready to bid those pesky fleas farewell? Contact our Flea Control Service today, and let’s make your Miami home a haven of comfort for you and your pets!

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We are a family-owned company located in Miami Florida. We provide the most effective pest control treatments to eliminate pest problems for residential and commercial properties across Miami, Broward and West Palm Beach counties.

Our professional staff keeps up to date with the latest technologies and methods! We frequently visit University of Florida Pest Management Learning Lab!

All of our work is backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You can count on us for all your pest control needs. Remember – always hire a professional!

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6 signs of a flea infestation:

Fleas prefer to take up residence in dog or cat fur, so most signs of an infestation will be shown in their behavior.

  1. Your pets are constantly scratching
  2. Your pets are restless
  3. There are small reddish-brown or black spots on your pet
  4. Your pet has pale gums
  5. You have itchy bites on your ankles
  6. Your pet is experiencing hair loss

Another way to identify fleas in your home is by performing the white sock test. Put on a pair of white socks and walk around carpeted areas. If the carpets are infested with fleas, you might catch them jumping onto your socks.

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6 ways to prevent your pets from getting fleas

Preventing fleas on your pets involves a combination of regular maintenance, proper grooming, and creating an environment that is less hospitable to these pesky parasites. Here are six ways to prevent your pets from getting fleas:

  1. Regular Flea Prevention Treatment:
    • Use veterinarian-recommended flea prevention products such as topical treatments, oral medications, or flea collars. These products help kill and repel fleas, preventing infestations.
  2. Frequent Grooming:
    • Regular grooming helps you spot signs of fleas early. Use a fine-toothed flea comb to check for fleas and flea dirt (small black specks) in your pet’s fur.
  3. Maintain a Clean Living Environment:
    • Vacuum your home regularly, focusing on areas where your pet spends time. This helps remove flea eggs and larvae.
    • Wash your pet’s bedding, toys, and other accessories in hot water to kill any existing fleas or eggs.
  4. Yard Maintenance:
    • Keep your yard well-maintained by regularly mowing the lawn and trimming vegetation. Fleas thrive in tall grass and shady areas.
    • Consider using pet-safe outdoor flea control products or nematodes, which are natural predators of flea larvae, in your yard.
  5. Limit Exposure to Flea-Prone Areas:
    • Avoid taking your pet to areas where fleas are likely to be abundant, such as tall grass, wooded areas, or places with a high concentration of other animals.
  6. Regular Veterinary Check-ups:
    • Schedule regular check-ups with your veterinarian to monitor your pet’s overall health and discuss flea prevention options.
    • If you notice any signs of fleas or discomfort in your pet, consult your vet promptly for appropriate treatment.

Remember that preventing fleas is an ongoing process, and consistency is key. Regularly treating your pets, maintaining a clean living environment, and addressing potential flea habitats around your home and yard will contribute to keeping your pets flea-free. If you have concerns or questions about flea prevention for your specific pet, consult with your veterinarian for personalized advice.

Basic Pest Defense Miami

Pest Defense

Protection from
General Pests
$ 49 Monthly*
  • 4 quarterly services
  • Defense from ants, spiders, roaches, fleas, ticks, and more!
  • Year Round Protection
  • Covers 20+ Pests
  • Exterior Perimeter Treatments
  • Interior Applications as Needed
  • Cobweb Removal
  • Unlimited call backs for general pests


Lifetime general pest
coverage throughout
duration of service plan.
Unlimited service requests
for active general
household pests.


Most basic package: This
pest control service is
great for control the most
common insects that can
infest your home.

Pest Defense Miami

Mega Bee

General Pests
+ Stinging Insects
$ 65 Monthly*
  • All the features of Basic Pest Defense
  • 4 Quarterly Services
  • Additional protection from wasps, big headed ants, and fire ants
  • Life-time warranties on structural bee hive removals


Lifetime general pests + stinging insects; including wasps and bees throughout the structure. Limited control. Coverage is active throughout duration of active plan.


This package includes general pest control coverage; PLUS stinging insects control throughout your entire home! Perfect for homeowners that have dealt with or have a bee hive in their home.

Pest Defense Miami

Pro Pests

General Pests + Stinging Insects
+ Rodents
$ 79 Monthly*
  • All the features of Basic Pest Defense
  • 4 Quarterly Services
  • Life-time warranty** on rodent control

Rodent Warranty:
Lifetime coverage on general pests + rodents, we must rodent-proof home to give  lifetime coverage/warranty.

 Interior trapping must be charged. 


Platinum Pests Defense

Platinum Pests

General Pests + Rodents + Stinging Insects + Termites
$ 109 Monthly*
  • All the features of Basic Pest Defense
  • 4 quarterly services
  • Protection from 3 types of termites
  • Termite baiting and monitoring
  • Additional Protection from wasps, big headed ants, and fire ants
  • Structural bee hive removals included


Lifetime general pests + stinging insects; including wasps and bees throughout the structure. Limited control. Coverage is active throughout duration of active plan.


This package covers subterranean termites and everything in our Pro Pests defense package. Client receives control of ants, roaches, fleas, ticks, rodents, subterranean termites and many more pests!

$75 monthly increase to any package for mosquitoes.
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