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Mega Bee is a family-owned company located in Miami Florida. We provide the most effective pest control treatments to eliminate pest problems for residential and commercial properties across Miami, Broward and West Palm Beach counties. 

 Our professional staff keeps up to date with the latest technologies and methods! We frequently visit University of Florida Pest Management Learning Lab! 

All of our work is backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You can count on us for all your pest control needs. Remember – always hire a professional!  

Why We Love Hollywood, FL

Hollywood, Florida, emerges as a hidden gem along the Atlantic coast, offering a perfect blend of relaxed beach vibes and urban sophistication that makes it an appealing spot to call home. With its charming neighborhoods, diverse cultural influences, and proximity to the ocean, Hollywood provides a lifestyle that caters to both families and individuals seeking a coastal haven. The city’s laid-back atmosphere extends from the pristine beaches to the lively downtown area, making it an ideal destination for those in search of a balance between leisure and city living.

Among Hollywood’s notable landmarks, the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk stands out as a beloved and iconic destination. This 2.5-mile oceanfront promenade invites residents and visitors alike to stroll, bike, or simply soak in the sun along the sandy shores. Lined with cafes, shops, and inviting spots to enjoy the view, the Broadwalk captures the essence of Hollywood’s coastal charm. Another landmark that adds to the city’s allure is the iconic Hollywood Sign, perched atop the Hollywood Hills. This symbolic structure not only offers panoramic views of the city and its surroundings but also serves as a testament to Hollywood’s identity as a place where scenic beauty and community spirit seamlessly converge. With these landmarks encapsulating the essence of Hollywood, buying a home here is not just a transaction; it’s an invitation to be part of a community that cherishes its coastal heritage and embraces a relaxed yet vibrant lifestyle.


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Hollywood Ant Control Services

Serious ant infestations can be very difficult to treat, so it’s important to bring in a team of professionals for the job. That’s where Mega Bee Rescues & Pest Control comes in. Since opening our doors in 2011, our team has remained committed to delivering the highest quality pest control solutions so you can rest assured knowing your home or business is protected. If you are dealing with a stubborn ant infestation, we are here to take care of it.

Our team has experience treating all types of ants, including:

  • Carpenter ants
  • Fire ants
  • Pharaoh ants
  • Banded sugar ants
  • Argentine ants
  • Red harvester ants
  • Yellow crazy ants
  • Red imported fire ants

No job is too big or too small for our highly trained technicians to take on. Equipped with high-quality products and advanced tools, we always get the job done right.

Our Cockroach Control Services

Cockroaches are just about the last pest anyone wants to come across. If you spot even just one roach on your property, you need fast and effective pest control. That’s where Mega Bee Rescues & Pest Control comes in. As the premier pest control team, we provide the highest quality, most reliable cockroach control in Miami, FL. No matter how severe the infestation may be, we are prepared to take care of it. Our team is skilled in locating, identifying, and removing cockroaches from your property and reducing the risk of any future infestations.

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Termite Control Services in Hollywood, FL

At Mega Bee Rescues & Pest Control, we take our job of protecting your property against termites very seriously. We understand how overwhelming termite infestations can be, which is why we are here to handle them for you. Our highly trained experts locate the source of the problem and implement the most reliable solution to restore comfort and safety to your property as quickly as possible. We combine a variety of termite control techniques into a single effective treatment for your peace of mind.

We offer 3 solutions to battle termites:

  1. Liquid Barrier
  2. Termite Bait Stations
  3. Mega Barrier Solution: Combination of both

Backed by 10+ years of pest control experience, our team always gets the job done right.

How to Prevent Pests in Hollywood, FL

Nestled in the vibrant state of Florida, Hollywood boasts beautiful beaches and a lively atmosphere. Yet, with the sunny climate comes the inevitable presence of pests. To help homeowners maintain a pest-free haven, here are practical, no-nonsense tips:

  • Seal Entrances: Inspect doors, windows, and any potential entry points for gaps or cracks; seal them with weatherstripping or caulk to keep pests at bay.
  • Landscaping Tidiness: Regularly trim trees, bushes, and maintain a well-groomed lawn to eliminate hiding spots and discourage pests from settling in.
  • Moisture Management: Promptly address leaks, ensure proper drainage, and use dehumidifiers in moisture-prone areas to create an environment less favorable for pests.
  • Waste Control: Use sealed trash cans and promptly clean up spills or crumbs to remove potential food sources that attract pests.
  • Pet Vigilance: Regularly groom and check pets for fleas and ticks; use pet-friendly pest control products and store pet food in sealed containers.
  • Natural Repellents: Plant pest-resistant greens like citronella, basil, and mint around your property to naturally deter pests.
  • Routine Checks: Conduct regular home inspections for signs of pest activity to catch issues early and prevent infestations.
  • Building Defenses: When building or renovating, opt for materials that pests find less appealing, such as termite-resistant wood.
  • Professional Intervention: If pests persist, seek assistance from pest control experts with the expertise and tools to address infestations effectively.

Implementing these straightforward practices can help homeowners in Hollywood, Florida, create a pest-resistant environment, ensuring that their homes remain a peaceful retreat amidst the beauty and energy of this coastal city.

All of our work is backed with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
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