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Mega Bee Rescues

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A South Florida Bee Rescue & Apiary

“Mega Bee Rescues is a family owned and operated company that is passionate about educating the public and making a positive impact to our eco-system. As beekeepers in the pest management industry, we strive to save the bees and share our knowledge with everyone around us.

Honey Bee colonies are known to make bee hives in unfortunate locations that require skilled training and high level experience to remove. We are privileged to say that we are licensed beekeepers that specialize in structural bee hive removals from properties.

Our entire team is specially trained and qualified to complete natural and humane removals of entire hive from homes or businesses. Our team of beekeepers can safely transport the bees and their hive to one of our local apiaries in South Florida, where the bees will then be under our care.

We share with the public to join us on our mission and be part of the Mega Bee Rescues Family! We are honored and trilled to do what we do! We look forward to sharing the world our passion for bees and help a bee hive one day at time!

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Our Bee Rescue Services

Mega Problems? Mega Solutions!

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Live Bee Removal

Choose eco-friendly live bee removal services for safe and sustainable solutions. Protect your space without harm, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with these essential pollinators.

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Swarm Removal

Swift and safe live bee swarm removal services. Expertly handle swarms with eco-friendly methods, ensuring a secure environment for both people and essential pollinators.

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Bee Relocation

Expert live bee relocation services remove nests from homes, transporting them to apiaries on farms. Safeguard homes, support pollination, and foster a sustainable coexistence with these essential pollinators.

Why are honey bees important?

Imagine a world without the gentle hum of honey bees in your backyard—no vibrant flowers, no succulent fruits, and a dull, silent landscape. Honey bees are more than just busy insects; they are the unsung heroes of your garden, contributing to the beauty, productivity, and overall harmony of South Florida. 

These tiny pollinators are so crucial to our slice of paradise.

Miami's Honey Bee Experts

At Mega Bee Rescues & Pest Control, we take our job of protecting the health of honey bees very seriously.

To make that happen, each of our technicians attends the Pest Management University through the University of Florida. Additionally, we regularly attend bee conventions and complete pest management and bee removal courses. 

All this to say that our team really and truly knows what they’re doing. 

Why Is Live Bee Removal Important? 

Nearly 70% of flowering plants, predominantly crops, rely on bees for pollination. The absence of bees would jeopardize our food chain. Our environmentally conscious and meticulous live bee removal process not only safeguards the bees but also contributes to the preservation of our planet. We are committed to making a positive impact on the environment by employing responsible methods in the live bee removal process.