People Are Buzzing About Mega Bee Pest Control

At Mega Bee Pest Control, we take pride in doing things differently. From our customized pest control solutions and eco-friendly products to our commitment to staying up to date on the latest advancements in natural methodologies, our team strives to raise industry standards.

We know how crucial bee populations are to a healthy, productive ecosystem—while also understanding that they can pose a risk if found around your home. That is why we provide effective bee removal services, hive relocating and rebuilding solutions, and ongoing education opportunities for other pest control companies.

Our Team Is in the News!

This dedication to protecting our environment and community is garnering attention throughout Miami! Recently, our president and Master beekeeper, Jean Loui Navarro was interviewed to share Mega Bee’s story and the importance of taking care of our pollinator populations. Check out the interview highlights below:

  • Pest Control Technology: Learn about how Mega Bee Pest Control began and our team’s growing commitment to rescuing bees. “This is what we love, what we mastered. We like being seen as the people that take on big work within bee rescue.” Additionally, Navarro shares how relocating populations can further support Miami, “We can provide bees to farmers or owners of land that need bees to supply their demand of processing their goods.”
  • Pest Daily: Discover the process behind our hive removal, relocation, and rebuild service, and learn how it helps both the bees and local homeowners. Furthermore, learn why bees are so beneficial to our environment and why our team takes our job so seriously.
  • Shoutout Miami: Navarro shares what sets our team apart from the rest of the pest control industry as well as a recent success story, where we did an 18-bee-hive rescue and relocation service from a single abandoned location! Our president also shares some beautiful images of a recent project as well as some local Miami hot spots.

We Beelieve in the Work We Do!

If you live or work in the Miami area and are struggling with bees, our team is here to help. We offer bee services for a variety of species, including:

  • Honey bees, including Africanized honey bees
  • Bumble bees, including Eastern bumble bees
  • Carpenter bees, including Eastern carpenter bees

Call our professionals today at (305) 306-9625 or reach out online to schedule a bee removal appointment.