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Eco-Friendly Control of Roaches, Ants, Termites, & Bee-yond!

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Registered beekeepers specialized in humane and safe removals of bee hives and nests throughout structures. We are passionate about saving bees and making a positive impact to
our eco-system.

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Swiftly eliminate ant infestations with our targeted solutions, ensuring a pest-free environment and safeguarding your home or business with eco-friendly methods.


Our comprehensive termite control prevents structural damage, using advanced techniques to eradicate colonies and protect your property from these silent destroyers.


Expertly remove hazardous wasp nests from your surroundings, ensuring safety and peace of mind. Our professional team prioritizes efficient removal with minimal environmental impact.


Combat cockroach invasions effectively with our proven methods. We address infestations, promoting hygiene and a healthy living space through eco-conscious cockroach control measures.

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Our Mosquito Control Service with a Miami twist – because we believe in keeping your space bug-free and enjoying those sunny vibes hassle-free!

North Miami, FL Pest Control Company

Serving Miami-Dade & Broward Counties

Your search for a dependable and honest pest control team ends here. Since opening our doors in 2011, Mega Bee Rescues & Pest Control has remained committed to serving the members of our community by protecting their residential and commercial properties against pests.

As the premier pest control company in Miami, FL, we are skilled in removing all types of pests from your property and preventing future infestations from occurring. From ants to roaches to bed bugs to termites, there is no job too big or too small for us to handle.

For the exceptional service you deserve across Miami-Dade or Broward County, call (305) 878-0989 or send us a message online today.

Saving the Bees One Day at a Time!

The beekeepers from Mega Bee Rescues & Pest Control are on a mission to save bees throughout Florida. If you’ve got a hive in your walls, on the roof, or anywhere else on or in your home, we’re here to help. Our bee removal team uses natural methods to locate and remove the entire hive from your property before safely relocating the bees and their hive to an apiary.

Learn more about how our Miami pest control company can serve you by calling (305) 878-0989 today!

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Send us a message below to request your estimate. We provide reliable pest control services across the Miami-Dade County and Broward County areas.

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Offering Environmentally Safe Services

Wondering how it’s possible that our team never fails to deliver excellent results? We use all organic, eco-friendly products! Our tried-and-true products and methods are shown to reduce pest populations on your property and prevent major infestations from occurring down the line. Not to mention, they are pet- and kid-friendly.

Mega Problems, Mega Solutions!

At Mega Bee Rescues & Pest Control, we take our job of protecting your property very seriously. It is incredibly important to us that you feel safe and comfortable in your home or business, which is why we go above and beyond to make sure our team delivers premium-quality service, customized solutions, and unparalleled results. To make that happen, each of our technicians attends the Pest Management University through the University of Florida. Additionally, we regularly attend bee conventions and complete pest management and bee removal courses. 

All this to say that our team really and truly knows what they’re doing. No matter the size or scope of your pest problem, we’ll take care of it. Mega problems demand mega solutions, and that’s where our Miami pest control company towers above the competition!

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Why We Should Bee Your First Choice

Eco-Friendly Pest Control for Cockroaches, Ants, Termites, Mosquitoes, Wasps, & Bee-yond!

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We Stand Behind & Back Up Our Work

We use the highest quality products and offer recurring service and maintenance plans to keep you comfortable year-round.


Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Our team is committed to your satisfaction from the first call through to the end of service needed.  

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Pet & Eco Friendly Service Options

We use organic products that protect your family and pets, for your comfort and peace of mind.

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Focus on Education for Customers & Our Techs

Our team keeps up to date with the latest technology and methods! We frequently visit the University of Florida Pest Management Learning Lab!


Same-Day or Emergency Service

We proudly work to accomodate same-day service for fast relief from pests, so you can rest easy sooner.


We Have Over a Decade In Business

We provide a range of pest control services for all your needs, and have been serving the area for over a decade.

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Mega Bee is the Right Choice

As the most trusted name in pest control, Mega Bee Rescues & Pest Control adheres to the highest standards in education and training. Each member of our team attends the Pest Management University through the University of Florida and regularly participates in bee conventions and pest management courses to further their education. 

Our dedication to staying up to date on the latest trends and advancements in the industry allows us to deliver the cutting-edge service you deserve.

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